20 Features for Samsung Notes

If you’re a user of Samsung Notes then I recommend watching this video from Mira Adriana over on YouTube with 20 features you can use. I’ve gone back a couple of times now and found features I had missed that have made this application even better. If you have a Samsung device and haven’t tried Samsung Notes, this will show you some of what you’re missing. (I love the leek stylus, btw!) Let me know in the comments what you think about Samsung Notes, this video, and digital note taking in general. Continue reading 20 Features for Samsung Notes

Cross Platform Episode 16 – Upgrading Your Systems

If you have any investment in technology (and if you’re reading this it’s safe to say you do) then you’ve gone through upgrading your tech at one time or another. The steps can be complicated, challenging, even to the point of procrastination. Augusto and I discuss how we tackle upgrading, the impacts on our platforms, and what we recommend when planning your own upgrade. Remember to Like and Subscribe so you get notified of all Cross Platform episodes and never miss a thing! Continue reading Cross Platform Episode 16 – Upgrading Your Systems

Samsung Unpacked Part 2 – It’s all about you

Samsung ran part two of their Unpacked event for this fall and it was all about customization. Custom colors, designs, and new design partnerships were at the forefront. They also doubled down on the Flip 3 phone with almost no mention of any other devices (though they did show them in the videos). Clearly Samsung has recognized the value of the influencer market and is making a full press with the Flip 3 to become the defacto device for that group, challenging Apple for the title. Based on what I’ve seen so far…I think they have a good shot if … Continue reading Samsung Unpacked Part 2 – It’s all about you