Find Your Productivity Solution

The Springpad Springboard community on Google+ has been the home for Springpad users for more than a year.  With the pending shutdown of the business (but not the community) we’ve pulled together to help people find alternatives for their own trusted productivity / curation solutions.  To make things easier, below are the important links to articles and assets to help in the search and success: Google Spreadsheet of Productivity Solutions Form for submitting new solutions Keep checking back here as we add new posts, contact information, and more about the myriad of productivity solutions out there and how to get … Continue reading Find Your Productivity Solution

The End of Springpad

There is a lot of rumor circulating about the end of Springpad as a service and a company.   While there are a number of things I’m aware of that I can’t and won’t comment on (business topics that really aren’t my area) being one of the largest users of Springpad there are a number of points I can touch on. Any service can go away at any time.   We’ve seen this with Google and dozens of other companies in the Internet space.   As users we struggle and complain, but so often forget these companies are made up of people who … Continue reading The End of Springpad

Conducting multi tag searches in Springpad notebooks

If you are leveraging the tags in Springpad to organize your content, you may have found a feature has gone missing.  Due to the recent change in the system architecture, the ability to do an Advanced Search has been removed.  As a work around, you can do the following to perform complex searches and then save those searches for future reference.  I have only tried this on the web, and I know the save does not carry over to mobile, but it’s better than nothing. Multi Tag Search In the search box, enter the tags you are looking for in … Continue reading Conducting multi tag searches in Springpad notebooks

Make a Springpad Holiday Photo Album

If you’re like me your family has various levels of technical skill when it comes to the Internet.  Some are tech savvy, some not so much.  So when the family event is over and all the pictures have been taken, how do you share them among each other?  Springpad gives you a way, using a collaborative notebook, for your more technical to contribute and your less technical to just enjoy. Create the notebook and use the Share option to create the link to email or IM your family members who will be viewing the pictures.  For family members adding pictures, … Continue reading Make a Springpad Holiday Photo Album

Writer’s focus trick

If you’re in the need for an easy way to concentrate your focus when writing, here’s a tip.  In Springpad, create a new note and then press Ctrl-F and F11.  Ctrl-F will take you to the full screen editor for the note and F11 will cause your browser to go full screen, hiding everything else.  Since the notes automatically save you can now concentrate on your writing.  When you’re done you can share directly from the note or just copy and paste your draft content into whatever destination you desire.  Yes, it’s just that easy. Bonus tip:  Use the [Ctrl +] … Continue reading Writer’s focus trick

Springpad and Project Management – Part 1

This is the first part in a three part series about implementing the Idea Pump approach of using Springpad for project management.  Part one will focus on the why and why not to use Springpad when managing projects for teams.  Part two will cover getting started setting up your project management system in Springpad and part three will cover putting it to use. Part 1 – What is project management the Idea Pump way? When we discuss project management in polite circles you’ll often hear terms such as “Agile”, “Scrum”, or “PMBOK” tossed about.  Rather than focusing on implementing a … Continue reading Springpad and Project Management – Part 1

Google Drive or Springpad – Image text search

One of the strengths of the Evernote platform is it’s ability to render text in images searchable.  Now I don’t use that feature too often, but when I do, it comes in handy.  The challenge is, how to you reproduce the same functionality in other places.  Google Drive has released the same capability on images and PDFs uploaded into your Drive space, so I thought this would be a good place to start.  The problem arises from the obvious though…these are two disconnected systems. The solution I came up with is to use Springpad as a gateway to deep links … Continue reading Google Drive or Springpad – Image text search

Google Drive Search and Springpad – Tip for Friday

Here’s a quick trick you can do to leverage Google Drive from your Springpad account: Go into Google Drive and perform a search that you might usually do.  For example, search for the word “Receipts” When Google Drive returns the results, copy the URL from your browser Go into Springpad and create a Link Spring Paste the URL from Google Drive into the Link Spring Note – It will not generate a proper title so you will need to complete the Spring then go back in and edit the title Now you can open the Spring in Springpad and then … Continue reading Google Drive Search and Springpad – Tip for Friday