The Power of Little Ideas

Every day it happens. We spend time doing our daily routines, taking care of business, living our lives. At some point we look at what we’re doing and say, “There’s got to be a better way to do (insert task here).” Occasionally an idea pops into our head. Now most of the time these aren’t the big, world shifting, change the playing field type of idea. No usually they are little ones…opportunities for improvement (OFI) that we make note of in our heads and keep moving forward with our tasks. Unfortunately most of the time those ideas are lost faster … Continue reading The Power of Little Ideas

Five Quick Productivity Tips

Since this is The Idea Pump (TIP), sharing some TIPs on how to get more from your capture and collect tool (see OneNote, Evernote, and others in that class). When working on something you need to disassemble and reassemble, take pictures of each step and what was necessary to accomplish it.  Put those images and descriptions into a note in the correct sequence and you’ll have your assembly directions available when you need them. Listening to the Beyond the To-Do List podcast this weekend they mentioned a trick that I used recently myself: when packing away boxes take photos of … Continue reading Five Quick Productivity Tips

Six organization tips for 2016

The new year is right around the corner so it’s time to start looking into ways to get organized for next year. Here’s six suggestions for getting a head start on kicking off the new year in a productive way: Tip 1 – Clean off that digital desktop If you’re like me your digital desktop can wind up a bit cluttered.  Take some time to get rid of shortcuts you don’t need, store files that need to be stored, and generally clean up.  If you’re not sure if you need to keep something on your desktop try this trick – … Continue reading Six organization tips for 2016

Leaving Evernote – Using Multiple Notebooks in OneNote

As part of my on-going departure from the Evernote ecosystem to OneNote one of the things I’ve been trying to identify is functionality in OneNote that corrects issues I’ve previously had with Evernote.  One of the main problems I had for years is the fact Evernote keeps everything in one big file.  No matter what the item is, no matter how old it is, it’s right there with everything else.  While this can be argued as a strength I’ve always found this an unnecessary amount of content to be immediately available.  Now, keep in mind there’s a difference between immediately … Continue reading Leaving Evernote – Using Multiple Notebooks in OneNote

OneNote Android Tip – Shortcuts for Quick Access

A quick tip on how to make OneNote more useful on your Android device.  When you’re working with OneNote on a note or section you need quick access to, just press and hold on the name of the section or page and select “Add to Home Page” from the menu.  This will create a shortcut on the home page of your device that will take you right to that page or section.  Couple that with folders (if your launcher supports them) and you can create push button control panels to rapidly access collections of notes without having to open OneNote … Continue reading OneNote Android Tip – Shortcuts for Quick Access

Survival Level Productivity – Being productive as a Martian

If you have the opportunity to see the new movie, The Martian with Matt Damon, I highly recommend it.  While I won’t drop any spoilers here there are some great productivity reminders and inspiration to draw from the film. Do it as if your life depended on it It’s easy for us to become complacent when it comes to executing on tasks or taking action on things to do.  If you hold the mindset that your world will come to an end if you don’t get it done you may be able to give yourself the motivation necessary to get the … Continue reading Survival Level Productivity – Being productive as a Martian

Find Your Productivity Solution

The Springpad Springboard community on Google+ has been the home for Springpad users for more than a year.  With the pending shutdown of the business (but not the community) we’ve pulled together to help people find alternatives for their own trusted productivity / curation solutions.  To make things easier, below are the important links to articles and assets to help in the search and success: Google Spreadsheet of Productivity Solutions Form for submitting new solutions Keep checking back here as we add new posts, contact information, and more about the myriad of productivity solutions out there and how to get … Continue reading Find Your Productivity Solution

Following the productivity crowd

mskogly / Foter / CC BY“If you’re friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it?”  Did you ever hear that platitude from your youth as your parents tried to prevent you making a decision which they were sure was going to wind up a disaster.  The same logic applies to productivity methodologies.  Each year we see new methods come and go, old ways come back into vogue only to be surpassed by the next fad.  If you spend your time following the crowd of “prod-groupies” you can easily spend more time on your system then on success. Think carefully … Continue reading Following the productivity crowd

Who is counting on your trusted system?

Jeremy Roberts over at Cloud Productivity posted an article about a challenge he encountered with not sticking to his new Evernote based paperless system.  Now while we’ve all had problems with our own systems, that’s not what struck me about his post.  To quote Jeremy:  The wife is also dependent on my system… This is a great example of understanding the expectations around your solutions as you work to develop them.  While we may be spending time to make ourselves more productive it is critical to also remember who else may be counting on what we put in place.  A … Continue reading Who is counting on your trusted system?

Scheduling your time – How tightly do you plan?

In reading Bob Stanke’s post and looking at my week from a personal and professional perspective it got me thinking about calendar management.  My schedule is fairly dynamic during the course of a week, with a heavy ebb and flow of incoming meetings and demonstrations.  Combine that with a family including three kids and my calendar can get out of control quickly.  One of the things I have been considering is specifically blocking time on my calendar to provide time to accomplish non-meeting tasks and work. There needs to be a balance between the scheduled meetings, scheduled work, and open … Continue reading Scheduling your time – How tightly do you plan?

Google Drive or Springpad – Image text search

One of the strengths of the Evernote platform is it’s ability to render text in images searchable.  Now I don’t use that feature too often, but when I do, it comes in handy.  The challenge is, how to you reproduce the same functionality in other places.  Google Drive has released the same capability on images and PDFs uploaded into your Drive space, so I thought this would be a good place to start.  The problem arises from the obvious though…these are two disconnected systems. The solution I came up with is to use Springpad as a gateway to deep links … Continue reading Google Drive or Springpad – Image text search