Six organization tips for 2016

The new year is right around the corner so it’s time to start looking into ways to get organized for next year. Here’s six suggestions for getting a head start on kicking off the new year in a productive way: Tip 1 – Clean off that digital desktop If you’re like me your digital desktop can wind up a bit cluttered.  Take some time to get rid of shortcuts you don’t need, store files that need to be stored, and generally clean up.  If you’re not sure if you need to keep something on your desktop try this trick – … Continue reading Six organization tips for 2016

Using OneNote to create Word documents

OneNote is an excellent tool for not only gathering content but organizing crafting materials for use.  One of the tricks I frequently use is the OneNote to Word save function for sections and notebooks.  You see, if you capture a variety of information in a section or in a notebook and need to share it with someone else, you can use the Save As function to save an entire section or notebook in OneNote to a Word document.  This way you don’t need to copy any content to Word for wordsmithing nor do you need to share the actual OneNote … Continue reading Using OneNote to create Word documents

Magazine organization with Springpad

Peter Walsh offered an idea on the last Springpad Show about managing magazines.  The idea is to only keep a few back issues and then take out the things you want to keep in older copies, take pictures of the content to store in Springpad, and then recycle the magazines. My suggestion is to take this idea one step further.  Since each note in Springpad can handle multiple images, take your magazine and go through it page by page, photographing each page using the Springpad app on your mobile device, stacking them all into one note.  You can then use … Continue reading Magazine organization with Springpad

Build your own Virtual Bartender for the holidays

Keeping track of drink recipes for those of us who are amateur mixologists can be quite the challenge.  It struck me then there should be an easy way to use the new Starter Notebooks from Springpad to rise to occasion.  Sure enough, using the Recipe notebook I started searching for holiday beverages to have the recipes and ingredients on hand.  You can see and follow my notebook below as I continue to add items to it.  If you have a beverage you’d like to see added, just make a note in the comments and I’ll do my best. View the … Continue reading Build your own Virtual Bartender for the holidays