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Safer driving with Android and Google Now

Recently I moved to a longer commute than I had in the past and as such thought it was as good an opportunity as any to see how much hands-free control I could wrangle from Android and Google Now.  I installed the Google Now launcher on my LG G4 and put it to work.  Now by just saying “Ok, Google” I can…

  • Launch Google Maps
  • Listen to incoming text messages
  • Reply to those text messages or send new ones
  • Open other applications by just saying “Launch [application name]”
  • Get directions by voice command
There are a number of things you can say to Google Now, but some of my favorites are:
  • “Ok, Google, launch Maps”
  • “Ok, Google, navigate me home”
  • “Ok, Google, text [person’s name here]”
  • “Ok, Google, note to self [say the note]”
  • “Ok, Google, read my last text messages” (this is a good one)
Do you have ways you’re using your Android (or iOS device) in a hands free way when driving?  Share them in the comments below.
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Clocking in and out the automated way

I’ve started using an app on Android called Automate-It Pro to help keep track of my time in and out of work.  Since my time is billable, I need to know when things start and stop.  For now what I’ve done is added a widget to my phone that sends an email to Evernote recording the location and time in a new note categorized for my work notebook and tagged for the client.

This is all done through a single tap on the widget when I arrive and when when I leave each day.  While I could accomplish this through geotagging, since this is a test I’m sticking with manual for the near term.

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Working Minimally

Over the past month I have made a concerted effort to move to a mobile centric approach for personal productivity.  This was partially incited through work requirements as well as a desire to leverage my Android devices more fully.
One of the biggest steps towards making this happen was the addition of my Targus K810 Bluetooth keyboard.  Supporting three Bluetooth channels on one keyboard, all accessible through hotkey, and adding a comfortable, backlit keyboard in a compact and portable format has made this a linchpin in my mobile setup.
If you’re considering making a strong move into mobile productivity or just want to get more from your devices, I suggest looking into a Bluetooth keyboard to accomplish more than two thumbs can handle.