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OneNote Tip for Android – Creating Shortcuts

If you’re an Android user (sorry iOS) you can press and hold on the OneNote icon on your phone to pop up a list of the quick actions available for the app. But that’s not the tip. The tip is that if you press and hold on the double line to the right of the […]

Three problems with tags in OneNote Online

If you’re a user of OneNote Online and OneNote desktop you’ll have noticed the inconsistency with which tags have been implemented between the two platforms. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two you need to keep in mind. Custom tags The desktop version of OneNote supports custom tags (creating your […]

How well does OneNote work on a Chromebook?

Follow up article – Living with OneNote on a Chromebook I’ve been an avid Chromebook user since they were released. I carry with me an Asus Chromebook every day and use it more frequently than even my full Windows laptop. As a OneNote user it was important to find out how well I could take […]

Sections, Section Groups, and Notebooks in OneNote

There’s a lot of interest around when is it right to use a section, section group, or notebook in OneNote to organize your information. I’ll admit it can be very confusing so here’s some rules of thumb I follow when managing my own. Notebooks Use when you’re likely to need to share content. Allows you […]


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OneNote and Bullet Journaling

There’s been a lot of interest on the site about applying Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journaling ideas to OneNote.  To make things a little more efficient I’ve grouped those articles below:

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