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Each week Augusto Pinaud and I explore the idea of being productive across multiple platforms. What do you do when you use a Windows machine, an iPad, and an Android phone? You deal with applications and problems that span across platforms. Make sure to bookmark this page to keep up with the latest episode. You can also follow the show with your favorite podcast app as well as like, subscribe, and ring the bell on YouTube.

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This is Episode 009. Education Tools. CrossPlatform Podcast

This week we have the pleasure of Dr. Frank Buck being our guest as we explore the challenges and opportunities in education. Β In this crazy world we're in creating a platform for educational success is more than the responsibility of the teacher and student, it involves parents, administrations, and technologists. We dive into topics that don't have clear answers but have the potential to make a difference for everyone. Welcome to Cross Platform Podcast, where we discuss how to solve productivity problems across platforms. Follow us where you like to listen to podcasts, like us, or subscribe to us and leave us a review. You can also interact with us on PersonalProductivity.club… We are Augusto Pinaud and Art Gelwicks; see you next time from your favorite device. * * * Augusto Pinaud * * * Check out and follow Augusto Pinaud via: 🌐 https://productivityvoice.com πŸŽ™ https://anchor.fm/connecting-invisible-dots πŸŽ™ https://anchor.fm/coaching-questions-u2014-productivity-voice/ πŸŽ™ https://anythingbutidle.com 🐀 https://www.twitter.com/apinaud and https://twitter.com/prodvoice πŸ‘πŸ» https://www.facebook.com/productivityvoice πŸ“· https://www.instagram.com/productivityvoice * * * Art Gelwicks * * * Check out and follow Art Gelwicks via: 🌐 https://theideapump.com πŸŽ™ https://anchor.fm/beingproductive 🐀 https://www.twitter.com/artgelwicks
  1. This is Episode 009. Education Tools.
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  3. This is Episode 007. OneNote.
  4. This is Episode 006. Tasks Management.
  5. This is Episode 005. Evernote with Ray Sidney-Smith.