Samsung Unpacked Part 2 – It’s all about you

Samsung ran part two of their Unpacked event for this fall and it was all about customization. Custom colors, designs, and new design partnerships were at the forefront. They also doubled down on the Flip 3 phone with almost no mention of any other devices (though they did show them in the videos). Clearly Samsung has recognized the value of the influencer market and is making a full press with the Flip 3 to become the defacto device for that group, challenging Apple for the title. Based on what I’ve seen so far…I think they have a good shot if … Continue reading Samsung Unpacked Part 2 – It’s all about you

Making a little difference

For the first time in a long time I’ve been able to build a solution that will have a direct impact on people during this crazy time. I can’t discuss what it specifically does due to client confidentiality, but suffice it to say it makes people’s financial lives just a little less painful when trying to manage right now. It’s amazing how far this type of thing can go both motivationally and emotionally. We all feel a loss of control right now and to be able to help people get a little bit of that control back means a great … Continue reading Making a little difference