OneNote Tip of the Week – Full Page View

One of the ways to get more out of OneNote is to use it to focus on the work at hand. A quick method of getting the other stuff out of the way and concentrating on the page you’re working on is to use full page view. By clicking on the double arrow in the upper right, you can hide all the unnecessary OneNote buttons and bars until you need them again. I use this option all the time in meetings and when writing to help me stay on task.

Notion tip of the week – toggle list

If you are using Notion to create lists of content, toggle lists are a great way to focus on certain areas at a time while also keeping everything at your fingertips. You can either create a toggle list from scratch or convert a list of items into a toggle list. In either case, the toggle arrows make quick work of showing and hiding content on a page.

Sample of a toggle list in Notion