We’re all on the go so much in today’s world it can be a problem to find time to sit down and read all the things that could help you become more productive. That’s where the Being Productive Podcast comes in! As new articles are published to The Idea Pump, we’ll be releasing audio versions of the articles to the Podcast so you can get your fill whether you have time to read or just to listen.

If you have comments you would like to share or something you’d like us to look into for future episodes, you can leave us a voice comment with your thoughts and questions and we may use it in a future episode! Give it a try and tell us what’s on your mind!

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Digital Ink on Cross Platform this week

This week we’re all in on digital ink: it’s history, uses, and challenges when it comes to a cross platform productivity environment. If you’re using an Apple pencil, Samsung S-Pen or some other way to write on your digital devices, let me know how that’s working for you in the comments below.

Episode 007 of Cross Platform is out… it’s Note, One Note

The latest episode of my new show, Cross Platform, is out and Augusto and I dig into one of the most popular notetaking tools on the market, OneNote. It’s more than a Microsoft product, it’s an excellent example of the strengths and weaknesses of applications as they try to work across more and more platforms.

My new podcast about being productive with multiple tools is now live!

My new podcast, Cross Platform, with my co-host Augusto Pinaud from ProductivityCast is live on YouTube and all your favorite podcast platforms! Unlike most productivity podcasts, our show covers the challenges of being productive when you’re using multiple devices and tools as part of your personal productivity platform. Augusto is our iOS expert, having lived

Season 2 Episode 7 – Some Quarantine Thoughts

Working from home, videoconferencing, and the need to be productive all get addressed in this soapbox session.

A new beginning for an old show

The Being Productive podcast is on the air after a brief hiatus and the push is to make it better than ever. I’ve seen an impact from some episodes and not so much from others so I’ll be taking a close look at the data to make sure the content coming out is the most

Episode 34 – Five Minutes on Digital Assistants

This episode we take a quick look at all the buzz around digital assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Episode 31 – Simplify to Be Productive

The latest episode of Being Productive focuses on the challenges of overly complex systems and the benefits of simplifying your life. Episode 31 of Being Productive

Episode 22 – Reducing Stress by Forgetting

Episode 22 of the Being Productive podcast focuses on an article from The Idea Pump about Reducing Stress by Forgetting. Can this strategy actually work?

Episode 0 – The Saga Begins

It’s been a long time coming but it’s here…The Idea Pump podcast is underway.  Sort of. You see, this is a test run and an introduction to what is coming in the future.  Take a listen, tell me what you think (be gentle) and listen for new episodes in the near future!