What is The Idea Pump all about?

The Idea Pump is an idea and approach to dealing with the challenges of being a professional today. Focusing on services and revenue-generating topics it provided an excellent resource for information and assistance.  That being said it was time for a change.

Art Gelwicks, Productivity and Technology Consultant

As a consulting professional for almost 30 years now, I have had the opportunity to work in almost all areas of technology.  From infrastructure to coding, databases to servers, web development to training, there aren’t many areas I haven’t had a chance to help people. It’s that last step that has motivated the change you see.

It’s a people problem not a technology one

The struggle people have with technology is often not of their own doing nor is it the fault of the technology. The real culprit lies in the gap between knowing what you want to do and knowing the best ways to do it with the technology you have at hand. So much technology is utilized to only a small percentage of its capability. Too often we go off on a chase looking for the “perfect tool” only to realize we never understood what perfect would look like when we found it.

My goal

Having been a consultant, trainer, developer, and designer I understand the challenges business and technology have when it comes to speaking the same language. Whether it’s collaboration or project management, business requirements or design, there are points of commonality that can be found and shared no matter what the project. My goal is to help people apply their technology in ways that benefit their operations, maintain their budgets, and find the levels of success they are striving for.

How can I help you?

There are dozens of different ways I can help you find the progress and success you’re looking for. The best first step? Let’s talk.  Drop me a line and let’s get started.