30 Questions to Choose the Right Task Manager for You

If you’ve gone through the effort of trying to decide what task management tool is best for you (and to be honest who hasn’t at one time or another) then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created this worksheet, “30 Questions to Choose the Best Task Manager” to help you. By answering these questions, you can eliminate tools that won’t help and make sure the ones you spend trying match your needs.

This worksheet isn’t designed to recommend a specific tool, since new ones are coming around all the time, but it will help you define your needs regardless of when you are looking. If you are using a task manager currently, this worksheet can also help make sure the tool is meeting your needs.

Best part…We’re making this worksheet available for FREE! That’s right, normally we charge clients $25.00 for this worksheet but we’ve decided it’s too important to have the right tools to improve the quality of your work. All you need to do is register here with The Idea Pump so we can keep you in the loop of updates, changes, and new materials as we release them!


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