OneNote tasks, ghosting employers, and productivity as a term

Episode 60 of Being Productive is out and it’s a collection of updates and topics for review and discussion. In this epsiode:

  • Continuing updates on my OneNote task management experiment and how well it’s proceeding. (Could be better, could be worse.)
  • Thoughts on an article from exploring how employers are getting ghosted by potential employees in this new work market
  • Some context around my use of wearable tech as a prelude to tomorrow’s recording of Cross Platform
  • Follow up thoughts on the term “productivity” as spurred by a new series of episodes we started over at ProductivityCast that will be coming out in a few months.

There’s a lot in this episode (it’s a little longer than usual) but I hope you find it useful. If there’s anything special you enjoy, benefit from, or dislike, make sure to let me know in the comments so I can plan future episodes.

OneNote Tasks, ghosted employers, and quality of work – Ep 60 Being Productive

Time for an update to catch up on all the things going on.  In this episode: Update on my task management experiment with OneNote Thoughts on an article from about employers being ghosted during the hiring process Some background on the wearable tech I use every day The problems with the term "productivity" and finding a better way to think about work As always, if you want to follow this show or other shows, as our written content, stop by the Follow Me page at The Idea Pump for links to all our channels. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: