OneNote Tip for Expanding Text

If you use both OneNote on the desktop and OneNote on mobile (iOS or Android) you may have encountered the problem I see all the time:  changing between a mouse and touch interface.  Here’s the situation. If I create a list of links on the desktop in a OneNote page they’ll work fine until I go to access that page on my mobile device.  It’s at that point I find the lines are two close together and difficult to select.  Now I could zoom in on mobile, and I could also increase the font if I wanted something more permanent, but there’s a third option.

Try this next time you have a list you know you’re going to interact with both on desktop and mobile.  Select the list on your desktop and go to Home > Paragraph Alignment > Paragraph Spacing Options.  Set the spacing option for after each paragraph to a minimum of 6 pixels and then click Ok.

The list will be reformatted to include a six pixel gap between the lines.  Even more effective is to do this at the beginning when  you create the list so the gaps are added automatically each time you press Enter.

By doing this you’ll give yourself a way to have neat, organized lists that work both on your desktop as well as on mobile.

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