Rainy Day Realignment

The Memorial Day weekend weather has been a bit disappointing so far this year, so rather than wasting a day I took yesterday to realign my office to a “new” layout. I included new in quotes because it’s actually an old layout, but one far more receptive to the type of work I have coming over the next couple of months.

It’s important to take time to reassess your working environment occasionally and determine if it is meeting your needs. In my case, clutter was catching up (I live with an amount of clutter because of how my brain works, but that’s for a different post) and I needed to reset to feel like the space was working for me again. Take time to look at your work space, especially the parts that seem to hamper your process and make you less effective.

Organization is critical in any workspace, but equally as critical is a sense of satisfaction with the space. We can sabotage this with constant scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram looking for “new office ideas” or “organization hacks”. If we convince ourselves to never be satisfied with our space and always are on the search for the new setup that will solve all our issues, we’ll likely never find it nor will we get our work done either.

The important part is evaluation and changing those things that have an impact, not the things we’re “told” should be changed. I’m taking more personal ownership of my workspace and you should as well.

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