Hoteling – working without a home base

Episode 57 of Being Productive is all about this concept of hoteling: going in to work in an office with no dedicated desk or location of your own. I’ve done this myself for multiple years and in multiple locations and can tell you that you can work effectively this way but it takes planning, strategy, and more than one concession. If you have comments, questions, or thoughts you’d like to share, please do so in the comments or even better drop the show a voice message. Your message might even be included in a future episode!

Seven tips for OneNote as a Project Knowledge Repository Being Productive

If you've thought about using OneNote to manage the information on a project there are some steps you need to take to increase your chance of success.  This episode I'm covering seven steps you can take to help your team take advantage of OneNote to share and manage your project knowledge. The text version of this episode is available at The Idea Pump – Seven tips for success using OneNote as a project knowledge repository. If you'd like to discuss the topic in more detail, come visit either OneNote for Professionals on Facebook, The Idea Pump on Facebook, or join the Personal Productivity Club. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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