Organizing using Spheres of Access

In survival circles there is a concept of evaluating what you have available to you for your survival situation.  It’s what’s on your person, what’s in your immediate area, and what’s in the surrounding area. I refer to this as  Spheres of Access for lack of a better term.

in organizing information I like to think about it in the same type of definition. Look at the information you need readily available all the time; the kinds of things that you need instant recall for and those are the things that fall within this first sphere.

Things that you need to be able to get access to but don’t necessarily have to have at the tip of your tongue those fall within the second sphere. These are typically things that I identify as being on your mobile device or in your pocket notebook.

The third sphere focuses on those things that you can get access to if you have an internet connection or you’re using some sort of offline storage, you can look up the information by using search terms.

By using these kinds of definitions it makes it easy to help you identify what information you need to be most concerned about and we’re within the three spheres a piece of information would fall.

Look over the information you deal with on a daily basis and evaluate each item based on which sphere it would fall into. Is it something you only occasionally need and can take some time to access? Is it something you need right away but is complex enough it would be hard to remember? Is it something you need to know, even if you have no connectivity, notebooks, or other reference sources available?

Breaking you information down into these spheres allows you to put it where it needs to be, focus on the most important items, and best of all know there is a place for everything. You don’t have to try and remember everything…only the important things.