All About Task Management – Parts 1 and 2

Over at Being Productive I’m doing a three-part series on different types of tasks and ways to manage them. In the first episode I start to lay the groundwork on these task types, the issues they create, and some strategies on managing them.

In part two I go into the two types I hear most frequently when it comes to problematic task types: Recurring and Urgent tasks. It’s important to understand the details about each of these types and how those details impact how they are managed.

If you like these two episodes make sure you subscribe in your podcast tool of choice (look for Being Productive) or sign up for email notifications here on the site so you don’t miss a thing. Part three is already being written with a focus on tasks from others and tasks for others (should be a good one.)

All About Task Management – Part 1

All About Task Management – Part 2