Being Ridiculous

Made my first run to the grocery store since this whole virus issue got out of hand and guess what I found…

A whole lot of nothing. Seriously. What is the point of this behavior. Yes, I understand we are all to be staying home and that means we are consuming household items at an accelerated pace but good grief people this is absurd.

Panic buying like this (and this is nothing new, I’m in Pennsylvania, just let it threaten snow then try to buy eggs, bread, and milk) creates more problems than it solves and shows the lack of concern for other so prevalent today.

This doesn’t have anything to do with productivity aside from a rant so let’s put the proper spin on it. When working on a project you take time to estimate the resources needed for the time and scope to minimize the cost and maximize the utilitization. This is highly applicable here. Knowing how much you would normally consume and buying that rather than acting as if there will never be any more means there is more left for others and we all wind up in a better place.

Acting with thought rather than emotion, control over panic, and an awareness of the limited pool of resources from which we all draw can make all the difference, whether it’s on a project or buying toilet paper.