Do we need an app for everything?

Listening to This Week in Tech this morning on my way into work they were discussing how Apple is disconnecting the Apple Watch from needing a phone to be useful. Specifically they highlighted how this will be a benefit for the health care capabilities of the device. While I’m all for this type of usage (though there are roadblocks they’re not talking about) there was part of the description that didn’t sit right with me.

The conversation turned briefly to a new app coming out to help people remember to take medications. Again, all for the need of this type of solution, but does the solution need yet another app? Why can’t we accomplish this with the apps we have?

I don’t wear an Apple watch. I wear a Samsung smartwatch but the principle is the same. There are at least two different apps that come natively on the watch that can be used for this very purpose. Why this bothers me is simple. Rather than being productive with the tools we have we often waste time in search of a “quick fix” for a specific problem.

I’ll challenge you to do something today. Take any of the normal, general purpose apps you use each day and come up with three new ways you can use the app. Once you do that, share those new ways in the comments below. I’ll bet that once you do, you’ll find even more ways to put apps to use without adding clutter, security vulnerabilities, and privacy issues into your productivity ecosystem.