Nine tips for using OneDrive

GuidingTech shared their list of nine tips for getting more out of OneDrive and on their list there are three that are my personal favorites:

Sharing Link Expiration

When sending out a link to a document for sharing, you can indicate when that link will stop working. Normally this is for sensitive content but I can see this as a great way to automatically clean up those shares. For example, how often does someone need access to something six months from now? If they do they can always let you know and you can send them a link. But if they don’t, why leave that link open and active?

Add Password to Links

Giving permission to access links can be a bit of a pain, but by adding a password to a sharing link, you can just send someone the link and then send them the password under separate cover. It’s even easier if it’s a password you’ve agreed upon previously.

Built in Office Lens

Office Lens is one of my favorite document scanning tools on mobile. I’ve been using it as a stand alone app since it was released. Built into OneDrive, not only does it help me simplify and remove an extra app but it also means the decision process on where to keep scanned documents is smoother.

Are you a OneDrive user? What’s your favorite tip? Share it in the comments below.