The Marriage of Todoist and Google Calendar

Balancing my to do list and my calendar has always been a point of contention for me.  Keeping things scheduled on the calendar is a big help when it comes to commitments that must be kept.  The question is where do they go?  Do you create a entry on your calendar or in your to do list?  How do you know which is better?

For me it became a matter of how quickly I could capture something. When an item showed up that needed to be done at a particular time I habitually would record it in my to do list with the later intention of creating a calendar entry. Unfortunately even with the improvements in Google Calendar, it is still faster to create a to do item in Todoist than to create it in the calendar.

What made all of this come together was enabling the Google Calendar integration with Todoist.  Now when I create a task in Todoist that has a due date it automatically is synced with my calendar. No muss, no fuss. I can use the natural language entry method for Todoist and create a batch of scheduled entries quick and easy. 

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