I use Google Assistant and Todoist to manage tasks while driving. Here’s how.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Todoist. (Heck, winding up in their Top 2% of users for 2017 is a bragging point for me.) As such I’m always looking for new ways to push the envelope further on integrating it into my daily productivity processes. Recently I’ve started using the integration between Google Assistant and Todoist to increase my productivity when commuting. 

Todoist has a great article about how to connect their tool to Google Assistant and the commands you can use to interact via voice.  Rather than rehashing the entire set, I’ve included a link below. A better example is a recent conversation I had with Google Assistant / Todoist: 

“Ok, Google, talk to Todoist.” 

“Ok, Let’s get Todoist” (This is where the conversation is handed over from Google to Todoist) 

“Hi Art! I can read you your tasks for today or just your next upcoming task. I can also complete or add new tasks in Todoist for you.” 

“Read Today’s tasks.” 

“You have three tasks for today. Do you want me to read them for you?” 


“Your tasks for today are: (reads task information to me). Do you need anything else?” 

“Add a task.” 

“What is the content?” 

“Call Mom today.” 

“The task has been added. Any changes?” 


“Ok, do you need anything else?” 

“No, thank you (I try to be polite.)” 

“Ok, Bye!” 

This total exchange took less than 30 seconds with my hands never leaving the steering wheel.  Voice interaction with our productivity tools can be quite liberating and encourage trusting our systems more. If you’re a Todoist and Google Assistant user I recommend giving this a try.  An added bonus is this works on smartphones as well as Google Home devices. 

How can I use Todoist with Google Assistant?