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Power user tip for OneNote and Action Launcher

Here's a good power user tip for those using Action Launcher and OneNote and trying to be more productive.

If you’re running an Android device and have Action Launcher as your launcher of choice, you can take advantage of a nice feature to streamline your use of OneNote.  As you can see from the screen shot below I have OneNote (it’s the big N…I’m using an icon pack) in my dock.  The marker in the bottom right corner indicates this icon is a “cover”, which means that by swiping up on the icon I can open a frame that will contain a working Android widget.

I’ve used the large OneNote widget as the one attached to the cover for the app, so now with a single swipe I can see my most recently accessed pages, add new notes, photos, and voice recordings right from the home screen. Talk about being productive!

What’s your favorite OneNote / Android tip?

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