The most productive option on Facebook

Productivity and Facebook don’t go hand in hand and for good reason.  Facebook can be a rabbit hole of immeasurable depth drawing you further and further away from accomplishing things. How do you deal with this? What’s the secret to staying on track and concentrating on things that will help you be productive?


Now many people are hesitant to use the unfollow option in their news feeds because of FOMO (fear of missing out). I’m going to challenge that notion right now. Unfollow is NOT the same as unfriend. Unfollow is basically saying you don’t want to talk about that topic now. Doesn’t mean you’ll never want to do it in the future, you just don’t want to do it as much.

Think about it this way.  We all have friends or relatives we like to be around and interact with, but we also know there are certain topics to not bring up with them for fear of them going off on a tirade or devolving into the verbal battles of last Thanksgiving.  In person how do you deal with this?  You walk away.  Unfollow is the same principle.  It’s not a matter of telling someone to shut up but rather just turning your back on the conversation for your own mental well-being.  The other person can rant, rave, scream, yell, and advocate for the flat-earth theory of alien visitations all they’d like…just not to you.

Being productive on Facebook is less about ticking checkboxes and more about using your most valuable resource (time) to get what you want from the experience. Allowing others to hijack that resource for their own wants and needs devalues your time and empowers them. It’s your time, use it as you want, not as someone else has decided you should.

It’s not me, it’s you

I use the unfollow option liberally. My newsfeed is just that…mine. I don’t have the interest to spend my time reading content that does not positively contribute to my daily life, my family, or my overall well-being (including entertainment). I recommend you do the same. Control your information, manage your time, and be productive (and judicious) about the world as it comes to you.