Using OneNote to teach OneNote

Sounds redundant doesn’t it?  How can you possibly use a tool to teach someone how to use the same tool? Well in this case it’s possible because we’re going to leverage the collaborative syncing capability of OneNote as a content delivery mechanism. The principle is surprisingly simple.

Step 1 – Create a notebook

Create a OneNote notebook in a shared location. A SharePoint document library or OneDrive folder would be best, but you can use a file share if needed. Once you’ve created the notebook you’ll share the location of that notebook with everyone who will need access.

Step 2 – Have readers open the notebook in OneNote

Once you’ve shared the location of the notebook, have your users open the notebook in their local copies of OneNote. Once they’ve been able to open the notebook, they will begin to receive the synchronized updates as changes are made.

Step 3 – Start publishing content through the OneNote notebook

All that needs to happen now is the addition of strong, valuable content to the notebook so it can be automatically pushed out to everyone who has opened the notebook. Keep in mind any user can make changes as well so this isn’t truly a content delivery mechanism.

By getting users to take the first step in engaging with OneNote at the level of an information consumer, you help them gain comfort and confidence in the ecosystem until they’re ready to go out on their own.