Five minutes with the Samsung Chromebook Plus

I took five minutes in Best Buy to check out the new Samsung Chromebook Plus that’s getting all kinds of attention in the press. Designed to be a solid performer in the $500 price range, I wanted to know if it had the features to be a daily driver for someone like me. Now this isn’t a comprehensive review by any means, just my initial observations:

  • It has a nice build aesthetic with curved corners and edges. Definitely designed to create a premium feel.
  • The screen is a beautiful high resolution display but feels a little awkward with almost a square aspect ratio to the layout.
  • The stylus is a traditional Samsung stylus that slips into the edge of the screen. I can see it being useful with Android apps, but it’s a bit hard to pick up if you lay it down. It also seems to be an easy thing to lose so replacements on hand would likely be in order.
  • I didn’t care for the feel of the keyboard but I know that’s a very personal, subjective opinion. I use an ASUS most of the time and love the keyboard so anything else isn’t quite right for me. As usual, your mileage will vary.

If your looking to get a Chromebook for a daily driver or laptop replacement you could certainly do worse than the Plus. If you have a Chromebook already I found the Plus to be lacking in enough compelling reasons to upgrade.

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