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Tracking your kids busy life using Todoist

With two teenagers at home managing active schedules can be a huge challenge for anyone.  I’ve turned to Todoist and a custom designed filter to keep track of what needs to be done by and for whom within the next several days. To make this filter work there are a couple of things you need to do.  First, enter all the tasks you need to track into Todoist and make sure you assign when the tasks need to be done and label each task with the person it is connected to. For example, when my son needs to take out the recycling I created a task:

Take out the recycling every Monday @Ian 

Todoist translates “every Monday” into a recurring task that regenerates when completed each week.

Next I created a Filter called “Kids This Week” using this query:

7 days & @Ian & @Kyleigh 

Now when I call up the filter Todoist shows all the tasks assigned to the kids that are coming due over the next seven days.  Putting this to use is easy. I created a bookmark in my browser for the filter to get to the summary quickly.  I also added a widget to my Android phone home screen pointed to the filter so from one place I can quickly see what they need to do at a glance.

By assigning labels and creating projects for things such as chores and homework, Todoist becomes more of an assistant when it comes to keeping everything running as smoothly and productively as possible.

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