Finally found a home

And we’re back

After several hosting moves, unsatisfying stints at various providers, and some deep introspection around what I want The Idea Pump to be, I’ve found a new home for the site, the blog, and all things related. Yes, I’m back to WordPress for the platform. I’m working out a new theme I purchased (yes…purchased.  No more free themes here.) and I’m shifting the thinking and content of the site around a new vision and mission for The Idea Pump as a whole.

Looking ahead

The change hasn’t been easy, with both technical challenges as well as philosophical ones slowing progress. I think I’ve finally turned the corner now on the site, the strategy, and the tools needed to make things happen.  You would think that these issues play havoc with my productivity, but honestly it’s better than it’s ever been.  Focusing on strategies and tools I know work and then coupling them to drive ideas forward, I’ve found more getting accomplished in the right ways at the right times.

Opening the valves

Some things will take a back burner for a little while (sorry podcast) until I can give them the focus and direction they deserve. Until then The Idea Pump is going to be true to the vision I set for it long ago…helping people do the right things at the right times in the right ways.