Everything old is new again

So the experiment is over and I’m back to Blogger.  I gave Squarespace the old college try but it’s just not going to work out.  I can see it working well for certain types of sites and traffic, but for what I do and how I write, it just wasn’t helping me out enough to stick with it.

So why back to Blogger?  For one all my old content is still there. Second, I’m comfortable with how the platform works. Third, you really can’t beat something so directly tied into the Google search engine. Here’s to focusing on the writing and not the tool, something I highly advocate but until recently haven’t been doing myself

Looking more carefully at this I see that it does fit with the one of the core ideas of The Idea Pump…solving problems efficiently and effectively by using what you have.  Squarespace is an excellent site building tool and platform but for my needs right now, it requires more work than is productive for The Idea Pump.  Perhaps some day I’ll take the site back there, but in the mean time we’re back to our little commuter car, zipping around and getting things done.