How Android Wear and Google Keep Saved My Day

I’m a big fan of various productivity tools, and Google Keep happens to be one of my favorites when it comes to capturing information quickly and getting to it from my phone.  Today I discovered that, coupled with Android Wear, Google Keep can be smarter than I am.

While working on my wife’s car I decided it would be worthwhile to capture the list of materials I needed for my project as well as the steps in the process in a Google Keep note to keep track of it for when I was working. Anxious to get going, I headed out to the auto parts store to pick up my supplies.  It was only after I arrived that I realized I had left my phone at home on the charger.

Thinking I was out of luck with my shopping list at home, it occurred to me I normally can access Google Keep on my Android Wear watch. Now this does require Bluetooth access to my phone for the data connection so I had my doubts as to this working for me. But because I had accessed the note on my watch BEFORE I left the house, sure enough it was there available on my watch.

So if you’re an Android Wear user, I highly recommend giving Google Keep a try. It’s not a perfect tool but it does have it’s uses especially if you’re invested in the Google ecosystem.