What happens when Google can’t make up their mind

Google Bookmarks vs. Google Save vs. Google Keep – There’s a product in there somewhere

Google has always been good at bringing out products with features we want. Unfortunately they’ve got a less than spectacular track record at getting all those features into one product.  For example the trio of Google Keep, Google Save, and Google Bookmarks when it comes to keeping track of web content for reference.
Google Bookmarks has been around quite a while as part of the Chrome browser.  Easy to capture but not the cleanest interface when it comes to organizing your bookmarks (especially when trying to decide what the old bookmarks are that you captured years ago.)
Google Save is the new kid on the block as part of a Chrome extension.  You can capture and label links, with the result looking remarkably similar to Pinterest.  It’s still feature limited for now, but you can see the potential of where they’re headed.
Google Keep is gaining traction with the addition of the Keep Chrome extension for capturing and labeling links. The extension doesn’t grab images nor is it easy to add new labels but it’s a start.
To really make this work they need to cherry pick the best features from these three:
  • The list view from Google Bookmarks (with a tree structure for labels and updates)
  • The image view from Google Save when it comes to captured bookmarks
  • Storing all these in Google Keep for sharing and organizing
Here’s my prediction…likely to be wrong but what the heck:
  • Google Save will be merged into Google Keep
  • Google Bookmarks will be retained for those who don’t want to use Google Keep
What do you think?