Safer driving with Android and Google Now

Recently I moved to a longer commute than I had in the past and as such thought it was as good an opportunity as any to see how much hands-free control I could wrangle from Android and Google Now.  I installed the Google Now launcher on my LG G4 and put it to work.  Now by just saying “Ok, Google” I can…

  • Launch Google Maps
  • Listen to incoming text messages
  • Reply to those text messages or send new ones
  • Open other applications by just saying “Launch [application name]”
  • Get directions by voice command
There are a number of things you can say to Google Now, but some of my favorites are:
  • “Ok, Google, launch Maps”
  • “Ok, Google, navigate me home”
  • “Ok, Google, text [person’s name here]”
  • “Ok, Google, note to self [say the note]”
  • “Ok, Google, read my last text messages” (this is a good one)
Do you have ways you’re using your Android (or iOS device) in a hands free way when driving?  Share them in the comments below.