Living a hack-free 2016

Some of the most common titles in my social media threads are, “Top ten hacks for…” or “Six easy hacks to succeed at…” I’ve come to the decision that for me at least 2016 is going to be a “hack-free” year.

Hacks have developed the connotation of being a quick fix for a problem, perceived or otherwise, in our daily lives.  They are the scratch-off lottery ticket of the productivity world, with us trying over and over again to find the one that makes everything better.

For the foreseeable future, every time I see a “hack” it’s going to be measured and evaluated by three benchmarks:

1. Will it make an immediate impact on my everyday productivity?

2. Is it sustainable over the long term without the addition of work to my daily routines?

3. Does it require a change in mindset to implement?

Based on these three benchmarks hacks are going to fall into two categories: implement and inspire.  You see, I’m not implying hacks are bad; far from it. What I’m suggesting is not all hacks have the same impact for all people.  Being able to evaluate based on that and determine which hacks will truly make a difference for me versus which are simply good ideas worth acknowledging and retaining for future inspiration.

No more chasing the golden ticket.  It’s time for a practical and pragmatic approach.