Five Quick Organizational Ideas and TIPs from The Idea Pump

Since this is The Idea Pump (TIP), sharing some TIPs on how to get more from your capture and collect tool (see OneNote, Evernote, and others in that class).

When working on something you need to disassemble and reassemble, take pictures of each step and what was necessary to accomplish it.  Put those images and descriptions into a note in the correct sequence and you’ll have your assembly directions available when you need them.

Listening to the Beyond the To-Do List podcast this weekend they mentioned a trick that I used recently myself: when packing away boxes take photos of their contents and label the boxes so you can look up not only their content but see the content before having to open each of the boxes.

When I visit our local big box store without my wife and see something I think we should consider getting or something she may be interested in I snap a shot and put it in a notebook with her name on it.  After we discuss the item if we decide to get it I just move the item from the review notebook to the shopping notebook for my next trip to the store.

Creating a notebook of tasks that need to be done more than once, such as chores to winterize the house and yard, can be a big benefit to make sure nothing gets left behind.  I recommend something more substantial than just a checklist since a full notebook can let you add photos as to where things are stored, items that need to be repaired/replaced, and notes about changes for the coming spring.

If you’re buying video games for kids this year, sneak a photo or two of your kid’s game collection so when you’re ordering or shopping you can know what they have and don’t have rather than guessing.

There are hundreds of more ideas and ways to apply to your capture and collection tools.  If you have some suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!