Evernote2OneNote – Automating the move

Over the weekend I started exporting all my Evernote content over to OneNote prior to shutting down my Premium account.  Yes, I’m done with the big green elephant.  There’s a great tool called Evernote2OneNote for migrating the content of your notebooks that does the trick extremely well.  Here’s a couple of tips I can recommend when you sit down to use it:

  1. Condense as many of your Evernote notebooks as possible.  Evernote2OneNote migrates at the notebook level, so each notebook in Evernote needs to be done individually.  The fewer the notebooks, the fewer the runs.
  2. In my experience if I cancel a migration mid-stream I need to reboot my computer to be able to restart the process.  I think it’s a problem between the tool and OneNote, but the restart is quick enough so I’m not going to sweat the issue.
  3. Be patient. Large notebooks can take a little while to migrate but there’s an excellent progress bar including counts and actual note titles as things move forward. I’ve even found some notes this way I forgot I had.
  4. Occasionally a note will throw an error (not sure why) but I’ve been able to just continue past the error and keep migrating.  I suspect it’s something in the Evernote note, but I’ll update this as I discover more.
  5. Migrated notebooks are stored on the local hard drive of your computer (Evernote2OneNote requires desktop copies of both apps to work) rather than being pushed automatically to the cloud.  Moving them to OneDrive is easy enough but it is another step you need to do if you want your notebooks globally available.

I’m about half way done through 7500+ Evernote notes, then the cleanup begins in OneNote.  Updates as events warrant…

UPDATE – I completed the migration successfully and have not had a reason to open Evernote since.  The migration does require patience and the more cleanup you can do in advance the better, but aside from that the tool worked extremely well.