Five tips for planning your week for success

Here’s five quick hits to get your week off to a good start:

Tip 1 – Plan something for each day

Take some time to make sure you have something in your control you can successfully complete on each day of the coming week.  No matter how frustrating things get due to interruptions and other interference, being able to have at least one success a day is a good way to maintain your momentum.

Tip 2 – Plan a reward

If you’ve got an especially hard week ahead, plan a reward for yourself for the end based on achieving certain goals.  It doesn’t need to be big or expensive, but it does need to mean something to you in a way that it pushes you forward through the grudge work.

Tip 3 – Plan a physical task each day

We often think of the gym as our physical release each week but that need not be the case.  An hour of physical work around the house or yard can be just as beneficial as a workout while also accomplishing a task on your list.  Spend an hour each day in motion at home to accomplish more than just desk work.

Tip 4 – Reconnect

We can bury our heads so deep in work we lose connection with friends, family, and colleagues.  Make a point to plan at least one connection during the week.  It could be a phone call, email, or better yet an in-person meeting.  Regardless of the method, maintaining connections helps us maintain perspective and focus on what is important.

Tip 5 – Save a little money

Knowing you’re helping your financial future can always help your momentum.  Any day you skip buying that lunch or caramel latte, take that money and put it into your savings.  I use a service called Digit that works well for me but you should find one that fits the way you live AND that you’ll use regularly.