Using OneNote to create Word documents

OneNote is an excellent tool for not only gathering content but organizing crafting materials for use.  One of the tricks I frequently use is the OneNote to Word save function for sections and notebooks.  You see, if you capture a variety of information in a section or in a notebook and need to share it with someone else, you can use the Save As function to save an entire section or notebook in OneNote to a Word document.  This way you don’t need to copy any content to Word for wordsmithing nor do you need to share the actual OneNote content.


The process is simple enough:

  1. Select the page(s), section, or notebook you want to save in OneNote
  2. Go to File: Save As
  3. Select if you want to save pages, a section, or a notebook to Word
  4. Select the Word format


That’s it.  The Word document will be generated from all the content of the pages, section, or notebook you selected.  You can now go back and edit the Word document as much as you want.  The process also works for the creation of PDF files and single file Web pages.


If you’re using OneNote to capture status reports or for requirements gathering, this process coupled with OneNote templates is an excellent way to streamline your workflow and share information in a clear and professional manner.


This process was tested on OneNote 2010, desktop version.

Update – The process only works for pages and sections, not for whole notebooks. Notebooks can be saved as PDF files but not as editable word documents.  Thanks to OneNote Central for catching this.