Weekly Planning Sessions

In this article from the Quo Vadis blog, they talk about the importance of weekly planning sessions.  One of the shifts I have made as of late is to not do my weekly recap and planning for the next week at the same time.
At the end of each week I have to complete a timesheet for my consulting work for approval and review.  It’s the process of completing that timesheet where I perform my weekly recap.  I gather the information from my daily logs, capture my time and activities, and submit the accomplishments for the previous week.  During that recap, when I find something that needs to be moved into the next week I make a note of it BUT I do not try to plan for it right then. 
Once all the recap work is done and the timesheet is completed, I make sure I have the notes for work to move forward captured well and then I put things away for Monday.  I do my weekly planning on Monday morning when I am fresh from the weekend.  This two pronged approach has allowed me to appreciate my successes more thoroughly as well as provided focus and direction for my weekly planning.  How about you?  Are you following the traditional methods or do you have your own unique twist? 

photo credit: photosteve101 via photopin cc