Three Tips for Coffee and Productivity

While guest hosting the Twitter #prodchat on Coffee and Productivity, I was reminded of a few important points when it comes to tying productivity improvements to an external stimulus such as coffee:

  1. All things in moderation.  As we are likely all aware, excessive caffeine can have significant side effects.  What we sometimes fail to consider is those effects can vary not only by the individual, but for the individual.  No matter how critical the pending deadline, there is no amount of coffee that will complete the task for you.

  2. Coffee is often more process than product.  For many, the process of brewing their own coffee or stopping by the local coffee shop is the change of venue they need to reset their thinking and get out of a non-productive rut.  Think carefully about your process if you’re a coffee (or tea / energy drink) consumer.  Is the process the same every time?  Could it be the process that is making you productive and not the drink?

  3. Variety is the spice of life.  While a consistent process may be comforting, mixing things up can grant you the creative spark for which you are searching.  Try a different beverage, a different flavor, a different shop, and make note of the results.  You might just surprise yourself.

Coffee is something that stirs as many passionate responses as it does dispassionate ones.  We all have our own views and preferences; making the most popular drug of choice so socially acceptable and so much our own.