Tips on choosing YOUR productivity solution

How do you choose a productivity solution for your needs?  What is the process of deciding what will work best for you, be the best investment of your time and effort, and provide the long term support you need?  There are hundreds of articles on the web suggesting what you should be using based on the current wisdom.  

Let’s talk about what you’re trying to accomplish.  There are a plethora of tools out there (as demonstrated by the Springpad G+ community I assure you) but the one(s) that are right for you will come down to a couple of decisions:

1.  How do you want to put content in?  You mentioned you are a “clipper” who is primarily a mobile user so that should be the first evaluation criteria you apply.  Without content capture in a consistent, efficient manner any solution can fail.

2.  How do you want the content back?  Do you like to read full articles later?  Get taken to your web browser? Read things in an app?  Look at what you’re doing now and how you’re happiest accessing what you’ve captured.

3.  Where do you want to access the content?  Are you a person who needs your information on the go or is it for later use?  Are you a “sit down and organize” or a “let me do this while I’m waiting in line” kind of person.  These kinds of self-aware observations can make or break your choice of tool.


1. Start slow.  Ease into your tool choices.  Try them for a few days.  Don’t be afraid of test drives.  These are tools…not life choices.

2. Adapt.  Nothing says a tool has to be used as it was designed.  One of the strengths of Springpad was its ability to be adapted to various needs and content.  Do the same to make things fit you.

3.  Ask.  Online communities are the place to get people to share ideas and thoughts about how to deal with your challenges.  There is an amazing power to this kind of community.  Not to be self promoting…but it’s a pump of ideas primed and ready to flow.  🙂