The End of Springpad

There is a lot of rumor circulating about the end of Springpad as a service and a company.   While there are a number of things I’m aware of that I can’t and won’t comment on (business topics that really aren’t my area) being one of the largest users of Springpad there are a number of points I can touch on.
Any service can go away at any time.   We’ve seen this with Google and dozens of other companies in the Internet space.   As users we struggle and complain, but so often forget these companies are made up of people who have dedicated countless hours to build a service they believed could not only be a success but also help and contribute to others.   To watch something like that unravel from the inside is incredibly painful and frustrating for those in the business.  
Over a month ago Springpad reached out to me as the founder of the Google+ user community and host of the Springpad Show to let me know things were in the works for a major change.   They wanted a user engaged in the process to make sure the concerns of their community, which they have spent years cultivating, were addressed in the best way possible.   Working hand in hand with them we’ve been able to test options and come up with strategies to help you move forward with your information.
More real information, not speculation, will be coming shortly.  I know they are doing their best in what is the worst possible time for a business.  If we work together with patience and cooperation we’ll all be able to move forward.