Following the productivity crowd

mskogly / Foter / CC BY“If you’re friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it?”  Did you ever hear that platitude from your youth as your parents tried to prevent you making a decision which they were sure was going to wind up a disaster.  The same logic applies to productivity methodologies.  Each year we see new methods come and go, old ways come back into vogue only to be surpassed by the next fad.  If you spend your time following the crowd of “prod-groupies” you can easily spend more time on your system then on success.

Think carefully about what you need to accomplish, what your expectations are and what is expected of you.  Evaluate new methods with caution and an eye towards longevity.  Don’t change directions suddenly.  Be methodical.  Make sure the choices you make are ones you can trust and you will continue to have a trusted, successful system regardless which way the crowd runs.