Magazine organization with Springpad

Peter Walsh offered an idea on the last Springpad Show about managing magazines.  The idea is to only keep a few back issues and then take out the things you want to keep in older copies, take pictures of the content to store in Springpad, and then recycle the magazines.

My suggestion is to take this idea one step further.  Since each note in Springpad can handle multiple images, take your magazine and go through it page by page, photographing each page using the Springpad app on your mobile device, stacking them all into one note.  You can then use tags to identify the topics in the note for easy reference later.

If you’re more into grouping the content by article topic, just create a Photo note and add pictures of each part of the article.  Each note becomes an article and you can use tags and notebooks to keep everything clean and neat.

The magazine tip starts at 8:43…

Happy Springing!