Saying Thank You the Springpad Way

With the holiday season upon us, it’s important to remember to thank people for the gifts we receive, not only now but all through the year.  Springpad is the kind of tool that makes the mechanics easier so you can focus on the sentiment.  Here’s my recommendation:

Create a notebook in Springpad for “Thank You Reminders”.  Inside that notebook either create a contact note for each person you are receiving a gift from.  (If you’re planning ahead you already have a Contacts notebook of these people and you can just add them to the new notebook, but that’s a different article.)  On each contact record make sure you add a tag with the person’s name.  That will come in handy later as the unwrapping is happening.

Now’s when it all comes together.  When the presents are being unwrapped, either by you or by others who you are keeping track for, using Springpad on your mobile device open the Thank You Reminders notebook and take a photo of the present and the happy smiles of the gift receiver.   Title the Spring with brief description of the gift and then, here’s the important part, assign the tag of the person’s name to the photo.

Now after the festivities have ended you can go back to that notebook, filter on the person’s name tag and send them a warm, sincere thank you note for the gifts, and anything else they have done for you over the course of the year.

It’s better to give than to receive, but when you receive make sure you say Thank You!

Photo credit: kevin dooley / / CC BY