Controlling list displays using CorasWorks on SharePoint

One of the nice features about CorasWorks on SharePoint is the ability to set up your own list displays rather than using the native SharePoint lists.  Why is this so helpful?  Take a look at the step in the wizard that allows you to control the display:

The CorasWorks Grid Display Wizard

As you can see, CorasWorks gives you the option to not only control the order that columns show up in your list, but how wide they are, the names of the columns, and even the formatting strings.  All of this can be done without going anywhere near the native SharePoint list.  These settings control this particular view and you can add more views with their own configurations to build out your solution further.

CorasWorks helps you configure solutions quickly and easily without sacrificing power or control.  Using CorasWorks really is about putting SharePoint to work.