Hangout on Air – Interviewing

I had the opportunity last evening to participate in a Hangout on Air with +Beto Corella and +Kris Ten talking about +Kris Ten‘s crowdfunding project for a business startup she is pursuing.  Aside from the chance to learn more about a topic I admittedly know little about (vapor based cigarette alternatives), the session gave me a chance to showcase a skill I think people should develop if they are interested in doing this type of a session…interviewing.

Being the host and interviewing guests on a show can be a challenge when one fails to remember it is the guest people are there to watch, not the host.  A host needs to be engaging to the guest, develop questions at the right times, while still carefully observing how the guest is coming across and assisting them through any rough patches.

The session begins in earnest at the 11:35 mark.

As you watch through the video you’ll see how asking guided questions carries the conversation along.  It is important as host to put yourself in the mindset of the audience and ask the kinds of questions you know they would be asking if they were in your seat.

It is most important for a host to keep the flow of the show moving along and keep the guests comfortable and talking.  Multiple guests add to the challenge where the host becomes as much a ringmaster as a facilitator.

This is a set of skills that anyone can develop if they’re looking to engage people in Hangouts on Air, on the radio, or even in group conversations.  If you’re interested in learning more ways to be an effective and engaging host, drop me a line and let’s talk!