Working from home – Do you nap?

When people who don’t have the benefit of being able to work from home hear that you do, do you get the reaction of, “Oh must be nice, you could nap all day long!”  Now while the response is always that we work just as hard at home if not harder, it’s time for a little bit of honesty.

Do you slip a nap in when you need it and does it help?

Since my job entails presenting to a virtual audience many times a week, being on my game is critical to a successful delivery.  Rather than taking a break for lunch I’ll slip in a 20 minute nap to recharge my batteries and get my head cleared.  Personally I find it extremely beneficial, far more than a cup of coffee or 5-hour Energy, in getting my energy level back up to normal.  I use a timer on my phone called Ovo (Android) that can be set by voice.  A quick, “20 Minutes” out loud and the timer is off and running.  Once the alarm goes off I’m back up and running and ready for my next session.  Once in a day is enough and it’s not every day so only when it’s needed is when I take the mental reset.

If we have the opportunity to do this, especially for those of us in creative jobs, why shouldn’t we?