Working from home

Working from home – Maintaining Order

One of the downsides of working from home is my office can get to look a little “lived in.”   Nothing hoarder-like,  just a little too comfortable for what should be in a professional office.

How do you keep your home office working as an office?

In an effort to keep that under control,  beginning today I am blocking 30 minutes out on my calendar to,  as the old term goes,  “sharpen the saw.”   A little work on the working area will hopefully be a positive contribution to the productivity of the space and myself.

Spending time making sure your space is ready for work is as important as doing the work itself.   A good mechanic keeps his or her tools in order and clean,  the workshop safe,  and everything where it can be found for the tasks at hand.   This is a rule we should all follow in our work.

How do you keep your workspace under control?   Any tips or tricks you’d care to share?   Post them in the comments,  please!