Working from home motivation – Get dressed

I’ve been working from home for more than three and a half years now and over that time I’ve found that maintaining the motivation to get things done can be just a challenging as in an office.  Recently I’ve started to try some new things to get me going and I thought I’d share my successful/unsuccessful efforts here.

It’s easy to fall into a level of comfort when working from home.  No business casual dress code needed if you’re not seeing people after all.  But I’ve found that staying in the “casual” mode too long tends to create inertia in the brain and doesn’t let me do my best “business work.”  My solution…get dressed.

Now, I’m not talking about putting on a suit or anything like that.  The simple act of putting on a dress shirt can change my mindset completely when it comes to focusing.  I’ve heard the process equated to putting on a uniform in sports…you get your game face on.  Combining this with the option to do video calls more frequently, and I’ve found “gearing up” can be just the catalyst I need to get over a hump of inactivity.

Put away the bunny slippers, put on some good clothes, and go comb your hair.  It’s amazing what mixing things up a little bit will do for your productivity.

What gets you motivated working at home?  Share in the comments section if you please!